Easy and child-safe multi-purpose cleaner

I don’t like having chemicals in the house.  Before I was pregnant, while being pregnant, and now with kids.

When my son started to crawl and move around everywhere, I really wanted to ensure he wasn’t coming in contact with gross germs that come into the house from shoes (thus the no shoes rule in our house), and I also didn’t want him to injest chemicals.  Dirt, no problem.  But chemicals produced in a factory, that is a big problem.  And I can control that aspect in the house — especially because there are many other “natural” cleaners that, if digested, wouldn’t kill you.

This cleaner recipe is easy, cheap, and gets things clean — which, lets face it, a lot of “natural” products just don’t do as well as the chemical filled ones.  This can be used as an all-purpose surface cleaner, and I also use this recipe for mopping my kitchen floor, as well.

Simple Recipe:

Equal parts of the following (or you can do 200 ml each, no need to be exact):

  • white vinegar 
  • rubbing alcohol
  • water
  • and a few squirts of dish soap


And put it all in an empty squirt bottle you already have, or I found one at the hardware store for $.99 : )


Happy cleaning!
Organic Aspirations


3 thoughts on “Easy and child-safe multi-purpose cleaner

  1. Does this leave a nice shiny surface? I currently use vinegar and water and it leaves surfaces dull. Maybe the alcohol helps with that…?

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