Why cloth diaper?

I have been obsessed with cloth diapers ever since (well, before) we found out we were having a little one.  Here are my top three (okay, four) reasons that all new mothers should consider cloth diapers:

  1. Better and more comfortable for baby.  Cloth diapering decreases your baby’s chance of having diaper rash because no crazy chemicals or plastic touches their skin.
  2. I have spent roughly $600 on a cloth diaper stash that I want to use for all (3, God willing) of our children.  Disposables per child costs about $2-3000 per child — thus I will be saving between $5-8000!!!  And I can resell (if they aren’t torn up) on hyenacart.com or diaperswappers.com.
  3. I am not contributing to diaper landfill waste (average of 6500 diapers per child) that will not biodegrade.
  4. They are so darn cute!

Find tons of information at TheClothDiaperWhisperer.