Tot School – Valentine’s Day

We put our Letter Tot School on hold this week, so that we could celebrate Valentine’s Day.  We have done so many fun activities this week and I’d love to share them with you.


I made six Valentine tot trays this week.  John loved them and we played each of them at least 3 or 4 times!

Heart Match – Up.  This was very simple to make and I thought it would be too hard, but he impressed me by doing it by himself the second time around!

IMG_6865We played Musical Hearts with this.  We put the hearts face down on the floor and danced around them, then I stopped the music and he picked one up and read the number.  By the end he was reading most of them!  He loved this simple game and asked for it the most, which I was surprised by.IMG_6781

John loves foam stickers, so we made a lot of Valentines this week.


Valentine Shapes.  I got a cute Valentine Tot Pack from 2TeachingMommies, and we matched shapes that we already had with the shapes on the cut-outs.
IMG_6778 Valentine pom-pom sort with tweezers.  John had a harder time with this, I think because the pom poms were so small.IMG_6776

And another printable from 2TeachingMommies.  We put our Unifix cubes on top of the numbers.  He loved this.


Bible verses of the week:


Found at Homeschool Creations and Totally Tots.

Mini book of the week:

A cute Heart book from 2TeachingMommies. We colored every page and he likes walking around with his little book.




I was bummed that I couldn’t make it to Michael’s to make a “GLITTERY/SHINY” Valentine’s sensory bin, so I opted for red kidney beans as a base and just put in any red and pink things I had around the house.  John ended up absolutely loving the beans, so it was a success : )

IMG_6817 IMG_6810 IMG_6806


We made a cute tissue paper heart.  John wasn’t really excited about this, so I did most of it.  He was very excited to give it to dad, though : )



We also….

Frosted and decorated heart-shaped cookies at a friend’s house (for John it was a rice cake, since they weren’t gluten free, but he doesn’t mind, he is such a little trooper).


And we made some sweet, simple Valentines out of foam paper and foam heart-shaped stickers.  John tries so hard to get the little sticky off, and he is really doing better with it!


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