I taught Kindergarten before becoming a stay-at-home mom and have an M.A. in Elementary Education.  I am extremely passionate about early literacy and number sense and have developed an ever-evolving homeschool schedule for my son.  I have plans to homeschool him for Preschool, Kindergarten, and First Grade; this is to establish strong reading skills and math cognition.  After First Grade, we will assess whether our son would benefit from the socialization and (fun!) a public school education could bring.

I am not anti-public school and I believe every family has to decide what is best for their situation and individual child’s needs.  If we do put our son in public school, I will try to supplement with American History and Christian Studies, in addition to grammar and spelling work in the summers.  My child would have to know that this additional work would be necessary for me to feel comfortable enough with his learning in a public school, where, unfortunately, time management is not a strong point.

I will publish my plans, goals, schedules, and resources per year, as I become more confident in my homeschooling choices.  However, every child’s learning needs is different and my son (and your child!) will need constant adaptation to receive optimal learning results!

Curriculum choices

Early Literacy Stages

Holiday craft links (2 years)

Kindergarten summer catch-up work

Practical Life Ideas

Sensory Play

Sensory Bins

Tot School Planning Form

Tot School Posts

Treasure Bins for Baby

Truck printables

Wildflower Ramblings

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