Sensory snow time!  Thankfully, I thought to do this before all the snow melted the next day.  Unfortunately, when I went outside to grab some with a spoon, it was pretty icy from melting.  Next time, I’ll get some freshly fallen snow.

I don’t think John seemed to care that the snow wasn’t perfect.  He loved playing with snow in the middle of the kitchen floor.  I set him up with some bowls, funnels, empty spice jars, measuring spoons, and pots and pans.  He played for a good 30 minutes.  But then he started throwing, so it had to end.  I think that there were too many tools to work with and next time I’ll just put two tools out.  Maybe that will focus him a bit more.

Starting out the exploration– this is coooold!


Adding snow to his spice jar.


Measuring the snow with his little measuring spoons.




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