The Little Lamb {learning through literature}

My son loves all of the books written by Judy Dunn with photographs by Phoebe Dunn.  These books were written in the 1970s and I remember them from my childhood.  The photographs are stunning and simple.  They always include a cute and believable storyline about a young child and their journey with a lovable little animal.

The Little Lamb by Phoebe and Judy Dunn


Making crowns out of dandelions like Emmy and her lamb.



Brushing our hair like the lamb had his wool coat brushed.


May joined too and played with her little lamb ♥


I made a simple sensory bin that only included little lambs and tractors.  The base was ground corn, found in the pets department, and I included some spoons and bowls for John to use.  I think this was his absolute favorite sensory bin.  I loved watching him play and explore and imagine.
Driving his Gator in the corn.
DSC04871DSC04870Scooping with a spoon.DSC04869DSC04868Feeding his lambs.DSC04867
DSC05758 DSC05759 DSC05760
Happy learning and reading and playing,

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