Tot School – Letter J

This week was a week of jellyfish and jeeps!  John is now 32 months old.


Every week, I put out six tot trays out for my son and I try to be intentional with activities that correlate with each of the four Montessori learning categories: Language, Sensory, Mathematics, Practical Life.  Our Tot Trays are out on our shelf all week.  I’ll take one out intentionally for us to play together, but he can also play wiht them at any time. DSC02841

A Melissa & Doug lacing fish.


J is for Jellyfish magnet page with pom pom magnets.  (This is a sweet girl-friend.)


Matching Teddy bear counters to the Jellyfish number cards 1 through 5.  1:1 correspondence.  He really got the hang of this this week!  So proud of him :)


Lauri capital letter stackers with pegs.


He loved these from last week’s Ii theme: Some awesome instrument shadow matching from Memorizing the Moments.


And matching flowers to their stems.  I made this simple activity as a busy bag.



I made this schedule to organize our Tot School time, according to the Montessori principles: Language, Mathematics, Sensory, and Practical Life.


You can read my post about it and download the free Tot School Planning Form here.


Bible verse of the week:

I will rejoice in the Lord, I will joy in the God,

in the God of my salvation.  Habakkuk 3:18

We use the ABC bible verse songs from Songs for Saplings.  These songs are so catchy, beautiful, not “children’s music annoying,” and I find myself singing and learning and memorizing the bible verses along with John.  Carisa at 1plus1plus1equals1 has made coordinating ABC Bible Verses posters which have really helped with his memorization as well.  

Letter of the week: Jj

Our curriculum consists of 1plus1plus1equals1‘s Tot School ABC’s. Do-A-Dot markers on his J is for Jellyfish pages.

DSC02932 DSC02933

Tracing left to right in a straight line!


Matching the jellyfish with their shadows.


Stamping J (and cows) onto his Jellyfish.


I presented the color cards like this last week and John loved it.  I cut them out and put them on his tray with the corresponding colored crayon. He loved it again this week!  We have these Crayola triangular crayons which I love and are worth the couple extra cents : )


Book of the week:

Sheep in a Jeep by Nancy Shaw

DSC03176 We love this goofy book about five sheep who are all riding in their jeep! We got out some of our jeep toys and worked with the simple Jeep pages that I made — you can get them here.


We also went to the library and checked out some Jellyfish books to learn about those crazy creatures : ) DSC03230 math

We did some Jeep size sorting and number counting with his Tot Tray manipulatives.
And John loved his pattern blocks and the free pattern block puzzles that I downloaded and printed from PreKinders!
DSC03107 DSC03106 DSC03105 DSC03102
A split pea sensory bin with his vocabulary pictures from Tot School ABCs.  I laminated one set and cut them out and hid them in the peas.  John had to find them and match them to the page in a sheet protector.  He loved this and we played it several times.  And I am happy to report that this bin gave us the best success with “throwing everything everywhere” problem : )
DSC03006 DSC03005 DSC03003 DSC03002
Had to stop sometimes — as you can see — he is beginning to fling everything across his room.DSC03007


Gross Motor

I have been doing yoga with John about 2 or 3 times a week.  I love Rodney Yee of Gaiam and have his AM yoga dvd.  When we went to the library, I found a Baby Yoga dvd. He had a lot of fun with it.  There is a different move for every letter of the alphabet : ) — including a jabberwalking jellyfish!!!


Care of Environment

“Sharpening his knife.” DSC03162Opening the cheese seal.DSC03115 weeklycraft

We made a cute jellyfish (and learned about the bell, tentacles, and lobes!) from our trip to the library! DSC03195

His work for the week on his clothesline in his room. DSC03196

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I hope you have a wonderful week,

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13 thoughts on “Tot School – Letter J

  1. Wow, I’m impressed that your little guy is so good at tracing already. My toddler won’t do any kind of tracing yet, but he loves his sensory activities and tot trays, so I guess we’re good. :) Also, I love those care of environment activities. I always have such a hard time thinking of things to do for that, but your activities are perfect! Thanks for the ideas.

    • He can do it somedays and not others…. It just depends! I love your post on the ages of development — because they do things in their own time and they will be successful as long as we give them the tools and encouragement they need :)

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