Just let the kid eat butter!

I just read an awesome post from Nourishing Our Children about cravings and food and … nutrition! It explained that if your child is begging for the butter or that salt at the table, just let them eat it.  Butter, for example, provides wonderfully good saturated fats that your child’s brain needs to develop.  And sea salt provides much-needed minerals too.

I always let John take the paper off our butter when I need a fresh stick (which is usually every day around here — I’m a nursing mom and I know that my baby needs saturated fat from my breast milk!)  Well, I just read the above-linked post, and thought, “why haven’t I been letting him chew on the butter?!”  (In other words, no, butter and whole milk don’t cause obesity.)  So I told him he could eat it — he was beyond excited — as you can see from his face, and he ate a quarter of the stick! …. I think this will become a regular tradition.

DSC01055 DSC01058

Check out Sandrine’s guest post by The Mommypotamus: Cravings: Follow Your Child’s Lead for some amazing parenting and nutritional advice (namely, don’t follow the traditional food pyramid!)

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