How to make a felt leprechaun for St. Patrick’s Day

I have always thought, from when I was little, that leprechauns are a little creepy. But we have had a lot of fun with various St. Patrick’s Day free, awesome printables at our house, and I wanted to make a cute leprechaun for John for him to enjoy and remember the holiday more distinctly**.


So I thought I’d try to mimic my felting/hot-glue-gun skills from my Snowy Day Peter. I found a super cute leprechaun, a non-creepy one, from SweetClipArt.  And I got to work.  This one has a few more details, so it took a little longer, but overall it is a 15 minute project if you know how to handle a hot glue gun, which is a talent I have.

Here is a copy of the Leprechaun Template that I started with.

I assembled my materials:

  • Template
  • Felt: green, black, cream, red
  • Cotton balls
  • Makers: red and black
  • Hot glue gun
  • Scissors


I began cutting the template apart.  First the hat, then the head, then the jacket, then the pants.  I made two felt pieces of each.

I also cut a black strip for the hat, a little red hair, a black bow tie, two little hands, and two little feet.


Then I glued each section together with a small bit of cotton ball between the two pieces of felt.  I cut some green eyes for him too.   I messed up some parts, and ended up making a bigger jacket and pants, which I recommend.


John was there with me when I made it, so it wasn’t a surprise this time, but he loves it!

**We have talked a little about the difference between Protestant and Catholic, and that we really don’t “celebrate” the holiday, (though some of our family is Catholic, so that is certainly fine, too :) ). But we actually should be wearing orange on the holiday — oh well, it is just fun to have an excuse to celebrate the color green, shamrocks, gold coins, drinking good beer (for Mom and Dad), and leprechauns.

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8 thoughts on “How to make a felt leprechaun for St. Patrick’s Day

  1. That leprechaun is so cute! I think I’ll do this with my preschooler, although I’ll probably just have him use regular Elmer’s glue because I’m a little overprotective with the glue gun. :)

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