Action shot: cutting my Betty Lukens bible felt set

I just stumbled upon this picture!  I am so thrilled because I wrote a post a while back about how happy I am with my purchase of the Betty Lukens bible felt set.  I didn’t think I had a picture of the huge felt sheets that came to me in the mail — probably 10 huge sheets of felt that I cut!  (With a $30+ pair of scissors that I got for half-off at Michael’s!)  I got very motivated one week and that is literally all I did!  Very intense.

I love this picture because at one point John really wanted to help, so he is cutting with his little safety scissors — which really can’t cut anything — so after about 10 minutes of dad holding the paper just so for him, I think they both called it quits.  I’m so happy that my husband got this sweet shot <3


Though this is a very sweet Sepia photo — we have been in dire need of a decent camera.  We’ve been using my tiny 5+ year old hand-held which is just not at the level I’d like.  So…. I finally picked out a new camera, so I should be featuring much better pictures very soon!

I picked out the Sony Alpha NEX series —I bought an F3 — which are a smaller camera but have the same high-quality of a DSLR.

I will probably do a mini-review on it after I play around with it for a bit!


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