Cutting my Betty Lukens bible felt set …. it is worth it!

My mom bought the beautiful Small Bible Felt Set from Betty Lukens for my children/me for Christmas.  I fell in love with this company when my son got a farm felt book as a gift (but the gift-giver kindly had already cut everything out!)  I was grateful to her for such a great gift.  There are more backgrounds and overlays that I plan to buy (half the price of the boards), but this is enough to get me started!  Now this has been a challenge.  Cutting about 12 huge sheets of felt out.


Will there be a light at the end of the tunnel?  Yes!

I am planning on starting a bible story (or bible theme, such as Creation, which is more than one story) a week.  There are 182 stories included in the wonderful included guide which has a retelling of the stories and lists what felt pieces are needed for each story.  But of course, you can tell more stories than than if something isn’t included that you want to focus on.


And an example of inside of the book:


I have decided to organize in this way:

  • I rough cut everything and organized according to the TINY numbers on each felt piece
  • The back of the guide has a detailed list of each item and its corresponding number.  I made labels and put them on each of my envelopes so things are easier to find.  (Betty Lukens does sell an organizer for $40, but I like using my system for other homeschooling materials, so I decided to keep with a system that I like.)
  • I organized using Target’s Up and Up brand of snap envelopes (they can hold 9×12 pages) and put all my envelopes in a square canvas bin (also from Target)
  • Each Sunday, I will only have to cut out 10-20 pieces for that week’s story — I will try to have two or three done in advance so there aren’t any cutting emergencies.



To my husband: No, I am not crazy.  Our children will grow in their knowledge of the Bible and the Lord through wonderfully illustrated and vibrantly colored stories!  I can’t wait to get started!


4 thoughts on “Cutting my Betty Lukens bible felt set …. it is worth it!

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