Your eggs should look like this

We are so fortunate to live close to a farm that has free-range chickens.  They produce wonderful eggs.  I don’t particularly like eggs – “over easy” or such – but I will take them scrambled with cheese or baked in a cookie. : )  My husband eats at least three eggs every morning, and now that I’ve started buying these orange-y yolks, he won’t go back.

Chickens that eat organic and are treated humanely produce gorgeous orange yolks packed with tons of nutrients and delicious saturated fats and cholesterol (and yes, that’s good for you!)  I do, in a pinch, buy “organic” or “cage-free” eggs from the store, and even these have eggs with very light yellow yolks; they are a hoax and do not have the value that farm eggs have.  Here are his eggs from this morning: (cooked on stainless steel and in butter, of course!)



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