Our Advent Calendar

This is the first Christmas where my son is actually present and excited about activities. I saw a lot of ideas for different Advent calendars and I became overwhelmed. I wanted to keep it simple. I came upon this idea from Martha Stewart with 24 cute little socks; this looked doable and not too difficult. It got me thinking about what I could make on the cheap, and with supplies I already had at home.

I already had in my scrapbook box: 25 round, white tags, green and red stickers, twine, mini clothespins.

I went to Micheal’s, in search of socks or boxes or something that would work.  And I found these cute little red bags (which came in a pack of 25 for $2.99).
I filled each stocking with these adorable bible verses from Happy Home Fairy — they read through the Gospel of Luke. I also bought some cute, Christmas stickers, one per day.
I clipped them up on three strings of twine to give it a textured look on our wall behind the couch.   I could have added more to the envelopes and there are so many awesome Advent calendar ideas out there — including fun or religious activities you can do with your child every day, but all that would have been too much. My son is only 2, but next year, I’ll include a small craft/activity idea in each bag.  I’m just so happy that I was able to get anything done!

Merry Christmas!


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