What is Montessori? Tea pot water play!

I am trying my hand at defining some of the activities we are already doing at home. And I am initiating more of these activities according to the below (shortened by me) principles of Montessori.

I was confused by Montessori at first. But 1plus1plus1equals1 and Counting Coconuts both make it seem less intimidating, and more do-able. Many Montessori principles are ones that we are already learning at home.  I have been utilizing sensory bins, mathematics activities using manipulatives, and not pushing writing and reading before my son is ready.  “Teach teaching, not correcting.”

  1. Practical Life: Preliminary exercises: pouring, opening bottles or doors // Care of the environment: sweeping, mopping, washing // Care of the person: buttoning, zipping, brushing // Grace and courtesy: introductions, excuse mes, offering help
  2. Sensorial Work: Utilizing all senses for learning and understanding
  3. Language: Literacy is reading, writing, speaking, listening with the child’s pace
  4. Mathematics: Promoting sense of numbers through learning materials

Many of my above understanding has come from the Montessori Primary Guide.

So below can be considered practical life and sensory work as John pours water from pot to pot (note all the soaked towels!)  After about an hour, and 6 towels later, I decided to end the activity, but he wanted to keep pouring!








**I am going to slowly begin making Weekly “Tot Trays” for him with 3-6 activities per week, related to the above Montessori categories. I will start out with three on Monday and together, we will create the other three! The next Tot School post will show that he is leading the way on what should be on his trays! 

Montessori Monday


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